The ‘Perfect’ Way to Work and Still Maintain Your Home Without Going Nuts

I grew up in a world of self-imposed perfection. If I didn’t dress perfectly, make perfect grades, have perfect friends and act with utter perfection, I believed I was a horrible human being. What I really did was drive myself perfectly nuts trying to be all things to all people at all times. It was all in my perception.


As I aged, this need for perfection carried over to my household duties and chores until, one day, while on my hands and knees in the corner with a toothbrush and a cotton swab, I suddenly realized that this behavior was going to be the death of me through stress. I worked hard enough during the week and, gosh darn it, my house could be imperfect and the world would keep on revolving. The bed could be unmade, the coffee cup in the sink unwashed, and the front porch not swept and it would be OKAY. No one was coming to take me away to cleaning rehab, or to scoff at my towel hanging in the bathroom to dry.


When I ask my coworkers now if they have seen a certain movie, or went to a certain event, or were able to go to vacation to a certain place, they all tell me they don’t have time. “How”, they ask, “are you able to do all those things?” Well, I’ll tell you. I created a formula, because I am a Science teacher after all and formulas are some of what I do, and it goes like this:

Pre-planning and forethought + daily dedication = More free time

Below is the formula in action. I have used it and it WORKS. You can adjust as needed to fit your home. I have found that if I spend 30-45 minutes per day doing one room really, really well, I don’t spend my weekend or free time trying to meet /fight/ satisfy / avoid my need for things to be perfect (it’s always a battle with myself). I also have more time in the evenings to rest and get ready for the next day.

I decided to post this, as school begins for me tomorrow, in hopes that it may help someone who feels overwhelmed, and, to help remind me that the larger picture of life isn’t based on whether or not you can eat off my floors [which you can’t]: It’s based on how I’m able to touch lives through education and maintain love and devotion to my family. Have a great week and remember to look for the sunny side!

**Disclaimer: These photos are not of my actual home. They are what I would love to have, but as we all know, teachers don’t choose the profession for the $. My swimming pool is a blow up and my slip and slide is a string of black garbage bags, so don’t be hatin’. 🙂

Every day

1 load of laundry washed, folded, put away

Dishes washed

Sift Cat litter (unless you don’t have a cat, then this would be pointless) 🙂

kitty-litter oh shit

Monday: Bathroom

Toilet inside and out






Floors by Hand

 Straighten cabinets

 Wash all rugs


Tuesday: Bedroom

Change linens




 Floors by hand

Wash all rugs and dog beds

Straighten Closet


Wednesday: Living Room


Wash all cushions and dog beds



Floors by Hand

Windowsills cleaned

Clean front door window


Thursday: Dining Room


Window sills cleaned



Floors by HandthCAJ7AA3N

Friday: Kitchen

Cabinets wiped


Empty Refrigerator

Clean Vent-a-hood and oven top


 Floors by hand

Straighten cabinetsmodern-kitchen-decor-vintage-style-1

Saturday: Yard and laundry room

Mow and weed as needed

Clean front porch

Sweep deck



Floors by hand


Sunday: Pay Bills and Rest

Garbage put out

Checkbook updated

Go to church, relax, spend time with family



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  1. patty says:

    I’ve always heard a clean house is a sign of a misspent life! ( Are we supposed to dust baseboards every week????)

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